Sportmask Long Cage Certified Straight Bar

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€100 - €140
Sportmask T3 (Medium, Large, & XL), X8 (Medium, Large, & XL) Pro 3, & VX5-LC

Product Overview

Stainless Steel Certified Style Canadian made Straight Bar. Fits mask models : T3 and X8 ( Med, Large, XL) Pro3, VX5-LC. Stainless cages ship within 1 business day. Colors take 1-2 weeks to ship as they are done to order. Please contact us if you have a color request that is not listed as there are limitless options. 

Hardware not included. Premium Mask Replacement hardware is offered at a discount price when purchasing a cage. This kit includes 6 stainless steel clips, 6 stainless steel screws, 5 stainless snap screws, 11 posts, 11 HD Neoprene Washers. Please see helmet parts section for a complete description with pictures. 
Please note, if you chose expedited shipping at checkout and have any cage except stainless, the 1-2 week wait will still apply as colors are done to order. If you need a cage quickly, please reach out to 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review