About Us

This is SPORTMASK, a one of a kind CANADIAN company specializing in hand made custom designed goalie masks.

Designed with precision craftsmanship, manufactured with the latest technology, quality tested to exceed CSA & HECC standards, our superior products are second to none.

We are constantly striving to improve our goalie masks by making them stronger, lighter, more aerodynamic, cooler and more comfortable.

Sportmask is the supplier of custom, hand crafted goalie masks to several past and present professional and international level goal tenders. 

In 2019, Sportmask became a proud sponsor and exclusive custom goalie mask outfitter of Canada’s National Blind Hockey Team, the reigning North American Champions.

In blind hockey, all players must be legally blind (10% vision or less), goalies must be 100% blind and their eyes are covered to ensure they cannot see. Obviously, exemplary head protection is essential. http://www.couragecanada.ca/programs/canadian-blind-hockey/    

Some causes we support …

Hot Rodz For A Koz

hot rodz for a koz car show

Peel Cops For Cancer

peel police cops for cancer

Team Canada Blind Hockey

team canada blind hockey goalie in sport mask with otny cage