Sportmask ECOproFOAM Replacement Padding

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Product Overview

ECOproFOAM a new type of padding that is soft yet dense and 25% lighter weight than other popular gel based foams. It offers premium protection and ease of installation.  


Kit includes: 

1 - Sportmask Forehead Strip

1 - Sportmask Midscalp Piece 

1 - Sportmask Backplate Piece 

2 - Sportmask Cheek Pieces 

1 - Sportmask Chin Cup 

3 - Velcro Dots for Sweatband

1 - Sportmask Sweatband 

1 - Tube of Instant Adhesive 


This kit is super easy to install. It has a temporary adhesive for fitting. For permanent installation, use a tiny bit of the instant adhesive (It is SUPER STRONG). 



Ice Hockey is a sport in which there is an intrinsic risk of injury. Use of this product will not prevent all injuries. Severe head, brain, or spinal injuries including paralysis or death, can occur in spite of using this product properly. Discard and replace this product if it has been damaged or has deteriorated in any way. Use of this product may void any certification or manufactures warranty. Read instructions carefully before installation. By using this product, the user assumes all risk and agrees to hold ECO Sports LLC, ECO Hockey LLC,, Sportmask 2018, Inc  and its owners and subsidiaries harmless.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review